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Atlas Recording & Mastering, Inc. 813.318.1679

Audio Chemistry since 1994...

Atlas Recording Studios is located in West Central Florida, near Tampa Bay, St. Pete/Clearwater, and 1 hour southwest of Orlando. We specialize in recording and mastering, as well as remote recording/voice overs of high profile artists and celebrities for commercial clients. We do music and audio production. Music production includes producing, recording, mixing and mastering songs for demos, singles, EPs, and albums (LPs). Audio Production: includes production, recording, mixing and mastering for commercials, CD compilations, radio commercials, jingles, spoken word, interviews, audio CDs like "self-help", "self-hypnosis", "relaxation", and "how-to" CDs.

We also provide multi-media audio transfering services, such as Vinyl to CD, Tape to CD. Mixing/Transfer Services such as DAT to CD or DVD, Cassette to CD or DVD. Transfer services require materials to be mailed in with deposit.

Our services include: Pre-Production, Production, Studio Recording, Live Sound, Remote Recording, Commercial Recording, Mixing, Digital Editing, Digital Mastering, Analog Mastering, Recording/Engineering Lessons, Consultation for other studios or engineers, Recording Equipment Sales and Rentals. Call us direct at 813.318.1679!

We proudly use vintage gear at Atlas Recording & Mastering, Inc.

To the left: An artistic rendering of a classic Neumann U47, the grand daddy of all microphones. The Neumann U47 is probably the most famous microphone ever. Used by such great artists as Elvis, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and many many other music icons. Atlas owns an original 1952 Neumann Telefunken U47 Microphone in addition to dozens of the classic and modern microphones available.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in session, Scott, Kurt, and Dirk
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy recording session. Scott (Guitar and Vocal - left), Kurt (Drums - center), and Dirk (Bass - right).
Engineer/Producer Nathan Eldred works with BBVD on song for Denis Leary Comedy Central ROAST.

Our Ampex MM1200 2 ProTools.

Jim Morris "Waterlines" Available at Fish Head Central
Brand new 20 song compliation, a collection of songs from multiple albums. A great CD to cover all the basics. Tracks include: Land Of No Mondays, She Sailed Away Magic On The Water, What A Party, Wherever The Wind Blows and more!
Mastered by Nathan Eldred at Atlas Recording Studio A.
Pink Lincolns "Background Check" - CD (HR-07) Available at Hazzard Records Now!
Hazzard has been working with the Pink Lincolns to put together an incredible collection of classic and unreleased songs from their catalog (which spans 18 years of ass kickin'). This CD features nearly 80 minutes of hard hitting, blazing punk rock done in the way only the Lincolns can do it. 32 songs from demos, out of print splits, singles and compilations, live stuff and unreleased songs.
14 Songs Mixed by Nathan Eldred at Atlas Recording Studio B.
Jim Morris "Pretend Your In Tahiti" Available at Fish Head Central
Brand new 11 song album, a bunch of great new songs that will put a smile on your face. Tracks include: Divers Do it Deeper, Pretend Your In Tahiti, I Am Woe, and more.
Mastered by Nathan Eldred at Atlas Recording Studio A.
Sudden Death "Unpure Burial" Buy it here!
Pick up a copy of Unpure Burial now. Seven heavy metal tunes! Mp3s, show dates, and more info and merchandise is available at Sudden Death's website.
Recording, Mixed and Mastered by Nathan Eldred at Atlas Recording Studio A.
Team Effort"The Third Age" (Good New Records)Visit the Team Effort Website
Pick up a copy of the new 7" now, available at Good News Records!
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nathan Eldred at Atlas Recording Studio B.

  • Nathan Eldred records voice over of Derek Jeter, captain of the NY Yankees, for Gatorade G2 Commercial, to be aired during SuperBowl 2008. Production of Chicago Recording Company and Element 79.
  • Longtime Keyboardist and vocalist for The Charlie Daniel's band, Taz DeGregorio in the studio producing tracks with artist Tony Grieco. Working on the song titled 'Outstepped You' by Tony G. singer/guitarist. They have brought in guitar player Dave Valliere to add backing guitar tracks. Nathan Eldred engineering.
  • Artist Ron Hazen records an alternative rock single with Nathan Eldred.
  • Nathan Eldred records the lovely and talented actress Mia Reeves. Mia is a professionally trained singer as well as actress, performed in Howard Goodall's stage play Girlfriends, and was in the feature film The Replacements starring Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman, etc.
  • Nathan Eldred provides recording services for The Powers Agency of Cinncinnati, OH and Pfizer. These recordings are going to be aired on AM and FM radio for Pfizer's upcoming "A Few Seconds" campaign of health awareness.
  • Did you know that we do studio consultation and room tuning? Need help with your home studio? Call for info. Recording lessons are available as well. Have a small home studio? Learn how to record and mix your own music!
  • Nathan Eldred masters Sudden Death's newly signed 10 song album. CD pre-release to be in April. Sudden Death (Locomotive Records) will be distributed by Warner Brothers.
  • Nathan Eldred finishes up mixing and mastering on Mike Mlinko's debut album Door to Door. Release coming in April.
  • Press: Sudden Death Signed to Locomotive
  • More Press: Beat Magazine, Sudden Death gets signed, Unpure Burial album recorded mixed and mastered by Nathan Eldred. See Column Section - "Rock n Hard".
  • Tartarean Desire Metal News: January 18th, 2006 Sudden Death Press Release...
  • Nathan will be finishing up Mike Mlinko's 10 song album, mixing sessions will start very soon with mastering to follow, look for the release of this CD sometime in March/April.
  • Blinded by Saturn finishes their 6 song EP.
  • The lovely and talented Stephanie Derocher, winner of Boston Idol singing competition, records 8 song CD in the studio.
  • Nathan Eldred was asked to be one of the judges for the Bud Light True Music Battle of The Bands at Clubhouse Tavern in Sarasota. The finals were held on Dec. 9th. The Finalists were Half-Way Hero, Released, In Waiting, and Absolutely Nothing.
  • Atlas gets a mint condition vintage 1955 Gibson ES225T guitar. This is a unique thin hollow body Gibson only made for a couple years. A very beautifully made guitar with nice tone.
  • Songwriter Michael Mlinko is working on 10 songs with Nathan Eldred producing and engineering.
  • Nathan is currently mastering a "Best Of" Compilation album for Jim Morris. This will include a good collection of his older material, as well as some newer songs. Look for the CD release in the next 4-6 weeks. Jim is very well known in Florida, he plays many shows around the state and Key West and has been active in relief efforts generating money for the benefit of hurricane victims since last year's hurrican Charlie, which hit is home town of Punta Gorda and surrounding areas.
  • Nathan is also mastering a full length album mastering for Orlando based band "The Rules".
  • Nathan Eldred masters 12 song full album for Crimson Creek at Atlas Recording Studio A. Crimson Creek
  • is Christian Country and Gospel group with Bluegrass harmonies. They are from Zephryhills, FL (BTW, Zephyrhills is famous for it's bottled water).
  • Nathan Eldred does off-site location recording for the President of the Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation. Mr. Arthur Wilson (Vietnam Veteran) works as National Adjutant of the million-member Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization.
  • Songwriter Michael Mlinko will be in the studio working on an album with Nathan Eldred producing and engineering. Full production to start in September.
  • Bay area alternative rock band Weak Ends just finished their 4 song EP. The very talented group, including singer Andy Galbriath, intend on shopping the demo to indie labels. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • Select Start, pop-punk rock band from South Tampa, was in the studio tracking drums with Nathan Eldred, for their 11 song full-length release titled 'This is Me'. Select Start is going to be playing 2 shows on the Warped Tour this summer, in St. Pete and Jacksonville. Also they were the 1st place winners of the Ernie Ball battle of the bands.
  • Korban is in studio A mixing and mastering with Nathan Eldred. Their 10 song self-released CD is soon to be available this summer.
  • SUDDEN DEATH back in the studio doing 3 more blazing metal tunes at Atlas Recording Studios A. Currently negotiating for record deal with Locomotive Records, based on their originally recorded 7 song album done at Atlas Recording last July, these 3 new songs will be filling out there debut 10 song album. Stay tuned of the release of a music video for one of these tunes on MTV Headbanger's ball. Nathan Eldred - recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Sara Spector (Christian Vocalist) in the studio for 'The Father's Love' CD. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • Jim Morris's new 11 song album titled 'Pretend Your In Tahiti', mastered by Nathan Eldred. Soon to be available, check out
  • Nathan Eldred is in the studio mixing tracks for producer Esmond Lewis, currently mixing some gospel tracks.
  • Upcoming recording, mixing and mastering for metal band 'Noctural Prodigy' from Port Richey area.
  • Just got back from LA, the showcase was awesome!
  • Nathan is currently mixing Alegria De Michoacan from Sarasota, FL, also mixing more tracks from producer Esmond Lewis from Venice, FL.
  • Alex Catalani just finished a two song project, and will be back to do another demo soon.
  • NEW: Sudden Death is going to Los Angeles for a Private Showcase at SIR on Sunset Blvd, in front of a multitude of major label and large independent labels VIPs, including Warner Brothers, Capitol, Universal, etc. Nathan Eldred from Atlas Recording Studios will be attending this private event at the request of Sudden Death.
  • Sudden Death is working on a European Distro deal with a major label for 'Unpure Burial' recorded, mixed and mastered by Nathan Eldred. Produced by Sudden Death.
  • Sudden Death garners management with Rob Nicholson, bassist of Rob Zombie's band, and Spider One of Powerman 5000.
  • 'Nocturnal Prodigy' will be in the studio in March to record their 3 song demo.
  • Atlas Recording Workshops! Instruction by Nathan Eldred.
  • Hardcore metal band from Florida's East Coast, 'Kill This Glamour' finished 4 song project.
  • Hazzard Records just released the Pink Lincolns 'Background Check' CD, with 14 songs mixed by Nathan Eldred.
  • Producer Esmond Lewis will be working with Nathan Eldred, mixing and mastering, for artists Marvin Miller and Kynami.
  • Latin band Alegria De Michoacan is in the studio recording a 12 song album of 3 different styles of music including Norteña and Cumbia.
  • Les Paul signs Nathan's 1979 Les Paul Custom!
  • Review of Sudden Death's 'Unpure Burial' by Crypt Magazine!
  • Sudden Death pending deal major label. 'Unpure Burial' Album (recorded, mixed and mastered by Nathan Eldred, production by Sudden Death) receives highest compliment on production, songwriting, and execution from A&R Execs at TAXI Rally in LA. See Article.
  • Jim Morris's (tropical/island humor) 'October-Fish' Live CD to raise money for Hurricane victims of South Florida, to be released early 2005. 'October-Fish' album mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • Engineer Nathan Eldred records multi-platinum artist Usher for Samsung.
  • Team Effort just in the studio. Look for their 5 song EP for 7" vinyl release titled, 'The Third Age', recorded mixed and mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • Korban, Christian rock band, is working on a full length album. They are currently in pre-production with Producer and Engineer Nathan Eldred.
  • Team Effort's demo gets them signed to Good News Records!!
  • Sudden Death MP3 now available! More MP3's coming this week!
  • Sudden Death 'Unpure Burial' World Radio Premiere on WMNF 88.5's Cacophony:The Metal Underground. Beau, John, & Cory (3 of 5 members) of Sudden Death and Nathan of Atlas Recording live radio interview with radio personalities Lothax & Pazuzu.
  • NEW!! Ampex MM 1200 2" 16 track. This is the classic machine used by some of the biggest names in rock, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, etc. See how great analog tape can make your music sound!
  • Brand New Facility! Atlas Recording & Mastering opens Studio B!
  • The Pink Lincolns and Hazzard Records in the studio mixing 14 (out of 30) songs "including covers, comp songs, out of print singles, demos and unreleased treasures" for the new fall release Pink Lincolns "Background Check" CD. Contact Hazzard Records for more information on where and when you can get your copy.
  • Brittany Henson back in the studio recording 2 additional songs with Nathan Eldred Chief Engineer.
  • 'Team Effort' from Naples, FL in conjuntion with Think Fast Records recently finish 4 song demo album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • New THD Univalve Guitar Preamp/Power Amp!
  • Amber Harrison (vocalist) completes 5 song CD of Christian music.
  • High Collide winner of this year's Battle Basics 4 is just finishing up in Studio B. Battle Basics 4 was hosted by WMNF 88.5, sponsored in part by Atlas Recording, with the donation of the first place prize of 10 free hours at Studio B.
  • Brittany Henson records a fabulous 3 song vocal demo, Nathan Eldred Chief Engineer.
  • The very talented, Linda D'Alessandro (acoustic folk) completes 8 song CD of acoustic folk music.
  • 'Sudden Death' (metal) records their latest hardcore 7 song album. Credits: Nathan Eldred Chief Engineer for recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Don Rowe and 'The Four Shames' finish 6 song mixing and mastering project. Mixing and Mastering by Nathan Eldred, Production by Don Rowe.
  • Jim Morris' (Island/Beach Music, Tropical Humor) new release titled "Land of No Mondays", complete album mastering by Nathan Eldred.
  • Don Rowe in the studio with Nathan Eldred for mixing project, including one single by the band 'The Four Shames' (raw indie rock). Mixing by Nathan Eldred, Production by Don Rowe.
  • St. Pete/Port Richey based cover band, 'Sofa Kings', 3 song demo recorded, mixed, and mastering by engineer Nathan Eldred.
  • St. Pete based band, 'Shiloh', records 16 song album, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • St. Pete based garage punk/hardcore band, 'Out of Time', records 3 song demo with Nathan Eldred.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Robinson (Pastor), certified grief counselors, record a self-help CD titled "Hope to Cope", an audio CD guide to coping with loss. Recorded and mixed by Nathan Eldred.
  • Ed Chiles, Son of former Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, records spoken word of his father's travelogue, The Walkin' Notes, in the studio with Engineer Nathan Eldred.
  • Remote Recording of the Port Charlotte Symphony Orchestra with Engineers: Scott Gould and Nathan Eldred.
  • Kristin Olson (solo vocalist) has completed a 3 song artist demo. Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • 'Lost River' (bluegrass) completes 24 song recording. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Engineer Nathan Eldred.
  • 'Catapult' (Boston, MA & UK) Big Frank Records with a very cool 11 song album titled 42to be released Nov. 18th. mastered by Engineer Nathan Eldred. Check out the website at
  • Album Mastering for Master Mind Enterprises (hip-hop label) with Engineer Nathan Eldred.
  • Mastering for Producer Anthony Hopkins of PeppiShell Entertainment mastering by Nathan Eldred. Album title "Kid's Life" Lil'Peppi and featuring 1/2 Pint.
  • Upcoming mastering for 'One Pump Chump' (ska)Ringmaster Records with Nathan Eldred.
  • Full Album Mastering and Radio Interview Mastering for Hip-Hop Label Raptor Records.
  • Engineer/Producer Nathan Eldred works with Kings of Swing -- Big Bad Voodoo Daddy -- (National Recording Artists) on musicc for the Dennis Leary ROAST for Comedy Central. P.S. Check out their latest album Save My Soul already out in stores.
  • Perfect Harmony, a mixture of jazz and gospel based Christian band has completed their 6 songs EP. A very talented group, with an excellent creative upbeat musical style.
  • Johnny Utah (hip-hop), they recently finished 6 songs, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nathan Eldred. Produced by Gudjon Carroll. The last song of this EP has received some radio play on 88.5 WMNF with considerable positive feedback.
  • Steve Schember singer and guitarist is in the studio mixing his 6 song project.
  • Paul Carr & The Swamp Stoppers will start recording this week. Tentatively planning on at least 10 songs.
  • 'Faulen' (Hardcore) is back in the studio with renewed enthusiam. They are currently working on a 4 song project for release and for which they will be using to shop to hardcore and metal record labels.
  • 'HEADFIRST' (Sarasota, FL) is in the studio currently working on a 4 song project for release and to seek indie label support.
  • Commercial Recording for Jason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. "The Makers of Medifast", with world famous Mr. Dick Vitale.
  • Punk band, 'Nothing Yet' from Fort Pierce, FL, has completed their 9 song release. Recorded, mixed, and Mastered by Nathan Eldred.
  • Bluegrass wizards 'Flatland' have released their 34 song 2 CD set!
  • National Country Artist:Glen Cummings is in working on pre-production and vocals.
  • Need to have your project mastered? Call for more infomation!
  • Rhythm and Blues: Randall Leapley et al. has completed their project.
  • Studio Regulars: 'Boney Fiend'(punk/rock) have recorded 3 brand new songs; with executive producer Nathan Eldred engineering. Currently working on mastering.
  • Dallas Upton recording guitar and bass tracks for Vintech Audio.
  • New Console: Our Sound Workshop Series 30 console has been installed! New control room photo has been posted. Our console has gone through a complete cosmetic and electronic overhaul, many custom mods including upgraded power supply. Truly phenomenal!
  • New Mixer/Sidecar: We have just acquired a Sound Workshop 1280 12 Channel Mixer! We plan on hot-rodding the electronic circuits to provide pristine clarity for remote recording and for additional tracking/mixing/summing.
  • South Florida High-Energy Alternative Band, Eight Up, is working on their 8 song project.
  • Identity Crisis (Alt. Pop) Our House Records has just released their full length album titled 'Life in a Box'. *Vocal, Drums, and Guitar Overdubs were done at Atlas.*
  • Atlas Recording & Mastering, Inc. has joined NAMM ; one of the largest associations in the USA for those involved in the music industry. It is reported that over 90% of all successful studios, engineers, producers, musicians, manufacturers, etc. in the USA are members of NAMM.
  • We have added a vintage Ampex 2 track 1/4" ATR-800 Analog Recorder, which can be used for live 2 track recording, overdubbing, mixdown, and mastering. More new gear: Stanton STR8-100 Turntable, Alesis Masterlink, Ampeg SVT410 LF Bass Cabinet, 2 Royer Ribbon Mics (R-121 & R-122), 2 Crane Song Trakkers, Crane Song HEDD-192, Soundelux iFET7 Mics, and a Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic to the ranks of gear.
  • 'Faulen' has finished up their 4 song project.
  • 'Strive' has finished their project. Their alternative rock style is in the vein of Creed.
  • 'Boney Fiend' has been working on a brand new compilation project. We have completed mastering and digital editing on their 5 songs.
  • 'G8', with front man Dave Williams from Los Angeles. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nathan Eldred at Atlas.

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